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- Mitsubishi Outlander is equipped with an excellent noise cancellation in its segment while customers did not notice that.


- Outlander is domestically installed, which causes suspicion among customer.


- Moreover, Outlander is not a TOP in its  segment. 




- Mitsubishi used to be known via the song “Doi canh tinh yeu”. Moreover, Outlander is built to have a excellent noise-cancellation in the segment. Thus, we came up with the idea: “The Art of Silence”, in which “Doi canh tinh yeu” viral clip is the hero.


- With the big idea “The Art of Silence”, we educate customers about the noise-cancelation feature of Outlander via multiple platforms and formats.


- We produced a viral clip which elevates the cover of hit song “Doi canh tinh yeu” to highlight the noise cancellation and the benefit brought by silence.


- We used PR to provide needed technical information for target audience.


- We used Facebook post and GDN  to maintain and gain engagement among audience and potential customers about the noise-cancellation of Outlander.


- We used community marketing to build trust and increased the conversion rate, which includes influencers and social seeding.

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