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LOTTE Legend Hotel Saigon organized a one-of-a-kind Premium Bridal Show called “The Legend Of Love”, accompanied by a series of leading wedding service providers such as Hacchic Couture, Dream Wedding, Shiseido, Cartino, HoneyBees, Mercedes-Benz, Savills, Dune London, Chocolate Graphic, Tra Que and Bejo, etc.


Who would not wish for a dream wedding full of elegance, romance and lavishness?The higher expectations of a dream wedding, the less of wedding venues are. The options for couple are only limited at their own housesoratweddingand convention centers. At “The Legend of Love” Premium Bridal Show, LOTTE Legend Hotelopened a brand new wedding vision that stood for opulence, exquisiteness and personalization.Two wedding reception samples were beautifully arranged in a private and intimate hotel area which was a clear announcement of the hottest wedding trend of the year 2019–2020: royalthemed wedding and romantic outdoor wedding.


Irisgo offer services:


  • Event & Press Conference license

  • Invite press for press conference

  • PR & Digital to recruit register: PR booking, Banner ad, Social (Fanpage & Community Seeding)

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